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SAFe® Assessment

Our Transformation effort addresses the significant challenges of developing and delivering enterprise-class software and systems in the shortest sustainable lead time by implementing Scaled Agile Framework.

During implementation using proven organizational change management strategies & SAFe Implementation Roadmap, we will walk you and your teams through the steps, or ‘critical moves,’ you would need to take to implement SAFe reliably & successfully.

Scaled Agile Transformation begins with assessing your current projects, team, practices & culture. The assessment is conducted using various methods including observations, interviews, surveys & analysis of current team dynamics and documents. This leads to creating a strategic roadmap for implementing Scaled Agile Framework based on your own unique organizational needs.

We can evaluate enterprise issues & readiness, train and develop your professionals, and support you with SAFe rollout by preparing your organization & teams to launch their Agile Release Train(s).


Are you are interested in SAFe® coaching, training, or assessments? Talk to us! 

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