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SAFe® Framework

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The Scaled Agile Framework is Agile driven with the knowledge in Lean Product Development which addresses the most critical challenges of creating and executing an enterprise-class software and system in the shortest sustainable lead time. 

SAFe for Lean Enterprises offers variety of configurations which can be customized to your business needs.

  1. Essential SAFe

  2. Large Solution SAFe

  3. Portfolio SAFe

  4. Full SAFe 

Business Benefit of SAFe®
SAFe helps address the most common questions which all enterprises come across but have trouble finding solutions for
  • How do we align business and technical goals?

  • How do we improve quality of our solutions achieve customer satisfaction?

  • How do we scale Agile practices across the enterprise to deliver better results?

  • How do we create an environment that fosters collaboration, innovation, and relentless improvement for our people?

  • How can we change our culture so that it can tolerate failure and rewards risk-taking and continuous learning?


SAFe is driven by decades of field experience and is guided by Agile Development, System Thinking, Lean Product Development and Dev Ops knowledge basis.

By applying SAFe values, principals and practices organizations can address these questions resulting in better business and employee benefit. SAFe framework has and is continuing to improve business outcomes for companies of all sizes across the world. Customer satisfaction, time to market, employee engagement, better quality and rewarding culture are all benefits of implementing SAFe for Lean Enterprises. 

SAFe Benefis
SAFe Assessment

Are you are interested in SAFe® assessments, coaching and training, or assessments? Contact us today for details!

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