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What is a Scrum Master?

A scrum master is one who leads and facilitates the Agile development process in organizations, building teams and enhancing collaboration for better, quicker response to stimuli. This individual is responsible for making separate moving parts work together to leverage synergies within the IT function and across the organization. The Scrum Master Certification highlights individuals qualified to lead such a process in the organization, ensuring that the best industry practices are being implemented without hiccups.

How Organizations Benefit from Scrum Masters?

These days, organizations big and small are in love with the concept of Agile methodologies. This does not only benefit IT professionals who are required to put their knowledge into practice day in and day out; it also benefits non-technical business professionals who are required to have an understanding in order to make better decisions.

Scrum Masters can help organizations in many ways like:

  • Lead teams through the product development and delivery process.

  • Enhance collaboration between team members for seamless resolution.

  • Encourage members to own their work and troubleshoot problems as required.

  • Become the change agent for team development and integration.

  • Lead Scrum teams to build high-quality products and exceed quality expectations.

How You Benefit from Scrum Master Training?

For IT professionals, acquiring certifications in their field of expertise gives an immediate boost to their career. It not only ensures you are up-to-date with the industry’s best practices but also adds credibility to your profile. If you’re hoping to secure your future, get enrolled in Scrum Master Certification classes today!

As a certified Scrum Master, you’ll enjoy several uncapped benefits including:

  • Gain authenticity and authority in the eyes of employers/recruiters.

  • Become highly proficient in understand and implementing Agile methodologies.

  • Create a favorable environment for fellow team members to excel.

  • Limit distractions stemming from within or outside the organization’s development process.

  • Enhance not only your own productivity but also that of the teams you lead.

  • Get more job opportunities for impressive career and financial growth.

Who Is It For?

Both IT and business professionals have a lot to gain from Scrum Master training classes. The average certified Scrum Master earns about $120,000 per year and has an expected growth rate of over 24%. Major multinational companies are constantly looking for qualified Scrum Masters to join their company for greater benefits.

  • Project Lead

  • Business Analysts

  • QA Testers

  • Software Engineers

  • Project Lead

  • Business Analysts

  • QA Testers

  • Software Engineers

  • Project Lead

  • Business Analysts

  • QA Testers

  • Software Engineers

Prerequisites, Training and Process

Becoming a certified Scrum Master is a fairly simple process. The first thing you need to do is enroll yourself in the leading Scrum Master training course in Dallas, Texas, to acquire theoretical knowledge of Agile methodologies. When you feel comfortable with the concepts, you can go ahead and take an online examination comprising of 50 multiple choice questions that you need to complete in 60minutes. You need to score at least 74% of this examination in order to qualify. Upon successful completion, you’ll be given a certification and two-year complimentary access to Scrum Alliance’s community. The Scrum Master certification has to be renewed every two years. For this course, prior experience in the field is not mandatory though it will help in understanding Agile concepts quickly.


Basic Concepts, Terminologies, and Theories of Agile: Understand the fundamentals of Agile methodologies and processes for effective on-job execution


Explore job roles with Scrum expertise: Scrum training allows you to function in several different roles with unique responsibilities for greater organizational benefits


Lead Scrum teams: Find out how to lead Scrum teams and improve collaboration for better performance and Agile responses


Improve transparency: Help teams understand the Agile process, implement it in day to day operations, and troubleshoot problems as they occur.


Enhance Accountability: Help individuals take ownership of their production efforts and view the bigger picture in terms of value created.


Familiarize yourself with core competencies and Scrum ceremonies: Enhance focus and detail-oriented results. Understand how Scrum is carried out in practice.

Why Agility

Agility Whiz offers one of the top Scrum Master Certification classes in Dallas, Texas. We have a team of qualified professionals who have designed customized courses for easier understanding. Get expert reviews and advices on Scrum practices across the globe. Not only this, get your hands on preparatory materials and communities where you can discuss pressing issues and receive quality responses. Get updated with the latest information to stay ahead of your game. Get enrolled right away!

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